Universal Human Rights Initiative (UHRI)

We believe that achieving human rights and social justice begins with education

People can defend their rights— and the rights of others—only if they know what their rights are.
Face-to-face dialogue is critical to ensuring that the recipients of this information are empowered to use it in pursuit of social justice.

Working in partnership with the United Nations, academic institutions and other non-profits, UHRI leverages technology to extend the reach of human rights information and maximize its impact through intergroup dialogue.

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All people, everywhere, are entitled to a basic set of rights. Knowing about these rights is the first step in achieving them.

The defense of one's rights begins with education. Because of this, UHRI believes that human rights education is itself a human right.

We see technology as the quintessential tool for spreading information about human rights. UHRI leverages web technologies to increase awareness and accessbility to human rights information.

UHRI works to raise awareness about human rights issues through education and create ways to take action using the Internet and social media.

Human rights information is available, but not enough people have access to it. The more people are able to access this information, the more empowered they will be in protecting their rights.